The most frequently asked questions about the sale of apartments in new construction

Do you have a demonstration apartment with materials that you incorporate into your facilities?2024-04-29T13:33:05+00:00

Brixwell Investment business center is a fusion of all the built-in materials that we normally incorporate in our facilities, also our business center is located in our newly built building in Vračar so that we do not only have a demonstration apartment but a demonstration building for our future clients.

How many garage spaces can I buy with the purchase of an apartment?2024-04-29T13:31:42+00:00

The number of garage spaces you can buy with the purchase of an apartment usually depends on the rules and restrictions of a particular apartment complex or building. This can vary from project to project. Brixwell Investment allows its customers to buy two garage spaces with the apartment. We do not sell garage spaces independently of the purchase of an apartment, so in case there are unsold garage spaces, we will definitely offer them to our customers, even if they bought two garage spaces before that.

How to buy an apartment without an intermediary?2024-04-29T13:32:23+00:00

First, research the real estate market to get a feel for housing prices in your desired area. Study the ads on real estate websites, visit the websites of investors, which will allow you to get in direct contact with the seller or investor.

Check your financial possibilities and determine how much you can or want to spend on buying an apartment.

You can also consider hiring real estate agents who offer buy-to-let services (without a middleman), but be aware that this may involve a commission.

Once you’ve found a few potential apartments, make appointments for a tour and inspection.

Why is it better to buy an apartment from an investor than from an intermediary, a real estate agency?2024-04-29T13:32:33+00:00

When you buy directly from an investor, you can avoid the fees you would otherwise pay to an estate agency. Real estate agencies often charge a commission or fee for their services, which can add significantly to the overall cost of the purchase.

Buying directly from the investor allows you to communicate directly with the representatives of the investing company. It can make it easier to understand all the details related to the property.

When you buy from an investor, you can have more flexibility in negotiating payment terms and other details of the purchase agreement. Investors often have more room to negotiate than real estate agencies.

Investors often offer special deals and benefits for early buyers. Buying directly from an investor can give you access to these benefits that you wouldn’t have if you used the services of a broker.

Why is it better to buy an apartment from Brixwell Investment than from the competition?2024-04-29T13:32:46+00:00

Brixwell Investment is known for its reliability, transparency and quality of service, which is often a decisive factor in a customer’s decision. The quality of construction, design and equipment of apartments is a very important factor in choosing the ideal property for purchase. Brixwell Investment offers high-quality apartments with modern amenities, which is attractive to buyers. The location of a property also plays a key role in the value and attractiveness of a property, and Brixwell Investment offers properties in desirable locations with access to a variety of amenities such as schools, shops, transport and recreational areas, which often sets us apart from the competition.

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