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Our newly built apartments with the best location in the very center of Belgrade are a top choice for those looking for modern luxury and the best locations in the city. The new apartments are perfectly designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes and provide the most modern lifestyle.

The offer includes only apartments in new construction, without intermediaries, providing you with a direct connection to your future home. Each apartment is carefully designed with a focus on comfort and functionality, and at the same time stands out in its surroundings as a symbol of luxury.

Apart from the best locations in Belgrade, our apartments take you one step closer to a flawless lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a spacious family oasis or an elegant city apartment, the new-build apartments offer everything you need to realize your residential ambitions.

Every wall, every window, every corner bears the stamp of careful planning and construction, and every stone is placed with the intention of conveying a message of elegance and modernity. These facilities are not just buildings; they are a testament to the vision that turned a blank canvas into a vivid picture of urban life. While looking through the windows of our newly built buildings, one discovers a panorama of city life that exudes life and energy. They are more than buildings; they are oases of modern civilization, places where new stories are created, where ideas are born and where dreams come true.

Internacionalnih Brigada 48

Belgrade, Vračar

Year of construction 2017/2018

Braničevska 12

Belgrade, Vračar

Year of construction 2019/2020

Gospodara Vučića 173

Belgrade, Vračar

Year of construction 2020/2022

Loznička 8 – 10

Belgrade, Vračar

Year of construction 2021/2023

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