New York in Belgrade is the closest description of our last in a series of projects, which represents new construction interwoven with traditional style and historical buildings from the 19th century. The Loznička 8-10 project is modeled after the famous New York “Cartier” building, which is a combination of traditional English and contemporary New York architecture, made of the highest quality brick, natural stone, glass and decorated with greenery. This building hints at a kind of oasis of peace and quiet, tucked away in a quiet street in the very heart of Vračar, in the immediate vicinity of the famous MIleševska Street.

Building facade

The exterior of the building in Loznička Street in Vračar, Belgrade.

Interior of the Object

The interior view of the building in Loznička street in Vračar, Belgrade.

Unique Modern Design

Interiors of Apartments

Interior view of apartments in Loznička Street in Vračar

Apartment A

Apartment B

Apartment C

Apartment D